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    On the weekends I play Animal Crossing and watch Attack on Titan. It can result in some pretty odd mental images.

    Just a silly sketch - this one isn’t going to Fan Expo.

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    Hoenn Dex Holders & Mitsuru


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    {Δ} : mega charizard X

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    Shinjimikami’s 3DS Giveaway:

    What’s the occasion? Who cares. I barely even touch my 3DS. Stop asking me where and how I get my stuff. The 3D on this is broke but I doubt anyone cares for the 3D function anyway. Everything else works fine. Included w/ a charger. (NO GAMES!!)

    The rules are simple:

    • You must be following me. I will be checking to see if you follow me. If you do not follow me and you reblog this, you have no chance of winning.
    • I will be using a generator to randomize the winner.
    • Liking this post does not count.
    • No duplicate blogs are allowed to reblog this.
    • You can ONLY reblog this once. Please don’t spam.
    • The giveaway will end the on the first day of E3 (June 10th)
    • YOU MUST BE COMFORTABLE WITH GIVING ME YOUR ADDRESS and yes I do ship out of states as well… You better be thankful.

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    The first click and drag game I made got a nice ass amount of notes, so I made a second one! Except in this one, you’re in the Special Ops Squad! [I had a bonus for if you were deceased, if you want to see it, shoot me a message!]

    according to this levi loves me

    endurance, 28 team 16 solo, ‘not annoying”, Levi, Eren, hit by broken blade, told to keep my head up, were not done yet, were gonna end the titans you and I,injured.

    I get Levi, Eren thinks of me as inspiration, and im only injured. Awesome

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  8. "Today is none other than Nature Day!"

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    I am literally spilling bells from my ass so my great idea is to just give them away

    There’ll be 5 winners,

    1st prize: 5,000,000 bells and 5 pink roses(or 6,000,000 bells and no roses)

    2nd prize: 5,000,000 bells (and the 5 roses if the first prize winner doesn’t want them)

    3rd prize: 3,000,000 bells

    4th prize: 2,000,000 bells

    5th prize: 1,000,000 bells


    • Reblog and like as many times as you want
    • You don’t have to follow me but if you are I’ll throw in like another million bells

    Yeah that’s it just go at ‘er

    It’ll end May 30th sometime